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Name that tune?

This may be the most pointless question, because I'm trying to find the name of a song, but I don't have much at all to go on.

It plays here in England fairly often. It's not trance or dance or rap; it's rather rock-y. It has a very fast drum beat, however. It's sung by a male. The only words I can make out are something like "drifting away", which is repeated every so often at the end of a stanza. The part leading up to that is sung pretty quickly, but both words are drawn out.

The problem is that it plays on the radio station we listen to at work, which is designed to kinda be background noise (I work at a convenience store)l, so I can't go to the radio station's website to see a playlist and figure it out for myself. It also means that the music is played at a fairly soft level, and it usually seems to come on when I'm focusing on customers and can't focus on the song.

In any case, I know that's not much at all to go on, but does anybody know what it may be? It's driving me absolutely nuts because it's been in my head nonstop! Thanks :-)

[Edit: The song is called "Barcelona" by D.Kay and Epsilon.]

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