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male friend question

question about guy friends

i went to visit a few of my friends this weekend and i was pissed off at one of them for something he'd done a week ago (not something bad, essentially just blowing me off my last night in town when we'd already made plans). now, while i was there i brought up the incident a few times, you know, basically to make him aware that i'd been pissed at him. and now i sort of feel like i brought it up too much. it was only a couple of times, but i still could have not done it so much. so, i emailed my friend and apologized and he sent back a sort of curt reply and didn't address the apology, only other stuff i'd said in the email.

so, my question is, do i email him back to ask if he's pissed and apologize again? i'm not usually so girly and 'dramatic' but i moved and don't have any friends down here, so i'm being sort of weepy and over-sensitive when it comes to the friends i do have. and it's extra-awkward because i've always been 'one of the guys' so it's weird for everyone when i'm embodying a female stereotype.

so, any thoughts? guys, what would you want me to do? girls, what would you do if you were me?
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