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Apologies if this has been done before. I'm just curious. And we have new users everyday anyway.

1. Whats your real name (just first name if you want)
2. Why did you chose your username? Any story behind it?
3. Do you wish now you had chosen something different? What do you wish you had chosen and why?
4. Are you known by anything else online?
5. Do you have any real life nicknames that follow you around? You likey/dislikey?
6. Anyones username make you go WTF?

1. Sophie Alexandra Harper
2. Some random name generator came up with it for me, when I joined some random forum. I made a LJ account on the same day and I convinced myself it would be easy to remember.
3. Yeh, it's annoying. I don't even say cookie, I say biscuit. I wish I had stuck with Crashing_Upwards like I do for everything else.
4. Crashing_Upwards on yahoo, msn and photobucket. Freak like me on Fanfiction.net. Darkness__in_disguise on Harry Potter forums. Rainbow_fizz on BBC.com
5. Pie seems to follow me everywhere. It was a childhood nickname that I randomly told someone at school once and went from there. Sometimes I think it's cute other time's it makes me sound fat.
6. l6l803399 - Apparently 1.6180339 is the Golden Ratio according to Da Vinci and she thought it was a cool username. I was like yeah ok - can't complain I'm named after an oddly-coloured snackfood.
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