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LJ culture questions. ^_~

When you add someone to your friends list, do you comment on their journal to let them know, or just wait for them to notice?

Do you feel miffed when they don't add you back or reply to your comment?

What do you think of friends-only journals?

I try to comment when I add someone to my list, but if their newest entry is rather sad/morbid/solemn, I try not to comment until they have something "lighter" up. It just doesn't feel right to comment on something serious with "OMG HI I ADDED YOU!1!!1!"

I actually do get rather miffed when someone doesn't add me back, or acts like I never even commented. The least someone could do is comment back and say they're not looking for friend additions at the moment and ask me to remove them. Hmph.

And I used to be rather annoyed at friends-only journals because they would keep me from finding out what the person is like and whether I really want them on my friends list or not. But since I was pretty much forced to make mine friends-only, I understand them a lot more now. Sometimes it's better to be cautious, especially if you're worried about your private thoughts getting into the hands of the wrong person. I've left a good chunk of my entries unprotected, though, so people can get an idea about who I am before they add me. ♥

How about you?

EDIT! Gak! Looks like the LJ icons are messed up. That photo isn't me. XD

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