goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

work appropriate.

Sorry for posting again so soon but a post below just reminded me of something....

The other day my family was checking into a hotel and the girl at the counter looked to be about 18ish maybe, relatively attractive, and she was wearing a shirt that had some playful phrase on it... it was too faded to make out the entire thing but the last line said "feel free to undress me."

It made me uncomfortable as a guest, mainly because I was there with my family, I guess...

But do you guys think it is inappropriate to wear that kind of shirt in an environment where you deal with customers/guests?

Do you think it is inappropriate to wear in an envrionment which you DON'T work with guests?

If you were a guest at that hotel, would that make you feel uncomfortable too or am I just uptight?

If you were the owner of the hotel, would you allow your employees to wear a shirt like that?

Lastly, do you have any idea what the first half of it might have said? haha.
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