goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

abusing returns

I heard that stores are starting to keep track of people who abuse returns....

1. Approximately how many returns is considered abuse? What if you have like 5 little items in one return session? Does it matter how far apart in time the returns are?

2. What are the consequences for abusing returns?

I've made quite a few returns (10-15 items or so, some expensive and some cheap) over the last few months for various reasons (bought things for my room that I brought home and realized it was the wrong thing or wrong size, bought too many of something, received gifts that I had no use for...), especially at Target because I do a lot of shopping there, and still have just a couple more things that I COULD return but I'm nervous to keep making returns because I don't know how many is too many and what the consequences are.

Any idea?
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