UberFuzzy (uberfuzzy) wrote in thequestionclub,

think i would get in trouble for wearing this to work?

edit, probly should have mentioned that i work as a stocker at a biglots,
so yeah, sometimes i have to be out of the floor with customers,
i have and wear the "10 types of people in the world" and "i see dead pixels" shirts to work all the time.
even though when i started, i was told pretty much the only thing i couldnt/shouldnt wear was shirts with words, because "you never know who your going to offend"

only even thought of it because i got asked a record of 12 times in one shift,
while wearing the official black biglots vest with logo and name tag,
"do you work here?"

my standard reply:
"no, but they keep paying me anyway"
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