junebug80 (junebug80) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Were you as disappointed with the Post Secret book as I was? I thought it would be all new stuff, but it was simply all stuff I've already seen before on the website. Also, I didn't think they really seemed to pick the best or most riveting/funny/interesting entries. It seems like they instead picked the most recent. I mean, I haven't been reading the website for THAT long and I've already seen all of them.....

Plus, I guess I'm a little pissed off that they never posted my postcards so that must mean there are tons of postcards that were never posted but that they do post and publish some that are in my opinion not as beautifully made or as interesting.....

2. ha ha another Santa question! If you participate in a non-Christian religion (ie Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, etc.) what did you think of Santa when you were little? Did you believe he existed but just didn't come to your house? Did you think he was made up? Did your parents celebrate Christmas anyways and had Santa come to your house anyways so you believed? Did you ever discuss it with your parents?
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