Mallory (jesuisfancy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Yeah sorry, another relationship question. May be tl;dr.

I started dating my SO in September 2007. Got pregnant 3 months later and had our daughter in September 2008. In February 2009, we broke up. Things were pretty bad for him for awhile... He has anger issues due to how he grew up. His dad used to beat the shit out of him, told him he wished he was dead etc, and his mom was too busy with her boyfriends to care about him. These problems never caused issues between us (we never fought or anything) and mostly only came out at work. He's been fired from 9 jobs since we started dating and that doesn't include the multiple times he's been fired from the same job (working for his mom).

We got back together in February of this year. In the beginning, things were great. They're still alright... he treats me good and he's awesome with our daughter. He's gone to anger management and he's going to therapy, but I don't know if he's ever going to really change. He doesn't have a job right now (he's been living with his brother since we got back together and they just moved to another city about 10 miles away from me) but I know when he does get one, he'll probably just get fired again.

I work my ass off taking care of our daughter full time, I just graduated from a tech school getting my certification to be a medical assistant and I also work. It pisses me off to know that he'll probably never put the same effort into providing the best life for our child that I do.

Should I stay with him in hopes that the therapy helps and he "grows up" some day? What would you do in this situation? I love him, but I just don't have the same feelings for him that I did in the beginning. I'm supposed to go see him today, but I just feel kinda "eh" and would honestly rather stay home. But I don't know if that's enough to "break our family apart" again for.
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