___meganat0r (___meganat0r) wrote in thequestionclub,

constellation globe

When I was a young girl, my brother & I owned this toy that was a clear (possibly plastic?) globe that lit up from the inside. Printed in black on the exterior were the constellations of the sky. It also rotated. I have no idea where we got it from or who made it - maybe Rand McNally? I could be completely off the mark with that brand, so don't take my word on it. At any rate, does anyone know this toy? Did anyone own it? I'd like to get it for my friends kids for Christmas - it seems like the perfect gift for a rainy day activity. Any ideas as to what it could have been I'd really appreciate. Thanks so much!

SN: I've perused Amazon & Google with the search of 'constellation globe' & 'light up constellation globe' & neither turned up anything that I'm looking for.
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