Steve Reeves (temalyen) wrote in thequestionclub,
Steve Reeves

So, I was going over my Twitter list today and noticed a conversation had broken out between two people I follow. Person 1 said, "Everyone has taken naked pictures of themselves." His theory being that, because every cell phone made anymore has a camera, most computers have webcams, etc. that people eventually do it just to see how they look naked in a picture. Anyway, Person 2 pipes up, "I haven't! Only someone who is sick in the head would put naked pictures of themselves in the net." Which is interesting, because that's not what Person 1 even said. So they actually got into an Twitter argument about it and I unfollowed both of them because it was getting annoying.

So, this leads me to two questions for you, TQC:

1) Do you think "everyone" takes pictures of themselves naked? (Or partially naked. Some kind of naked.) I have! I took one for my girlfriend years ago and she 'accidentally' sent it to her best friend. (And by accidentally, I mean intentionally. That'll teach me.) Personally, I think a lot of people do, but I don't think every single person who owns a camera has, or even the majority have.

2) Isn't arguing on Twitter pointless? I suppose it teaches you to make your argument in 140 characters or less.
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