Tied up in a knot thicker than Blackbeard's tache (like_a_donkey) wrote in thequestionclub,
Tied up in a knot thicker than Blackbeard's tache

Hey TQC,
I'm having a bad week. Sunday night my laptop crashed just after I finished an assignment, and the laptop won't turn on properly anymore, I had no sleep, Monday I had a panic attack in my tutorial and then that night I ended up having to go to hospital with a suspected broken elbow. I headed up to university today with my laptop to bring it to the IT help desk to see if they could diagnose the problem and they told me to go away and take it to a computer shop without even taking a look at it. I'm borderline tearing up right now because  nothing seems to be going right this week and my arm is killing me.

My question is; do you think my week will get any better/improve?
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