Borg Queen (lady_borg) wrote in thequestionclub,
Borg Queen


I have already chosen who my bridesmaids will be. I am only having two and they my closest friends.

However my parter's best man is most likely going to be someone who we have only been friends with for the last six months. Now that his choice and this bloke is fucking awesome guy who my partner just clicked with, they are almost brothers...thats how well they get along.
However our friend's partner is not going to be bridesmaid. I am not as close with as we are with him(The best man)

Is that going to be awkward? I know not all bridesmaids have to be partners with those in the groom's party but I am going to feel weird about not choosing her. Especially as we are good friends with her, in fact really good friends...but I chose these girls as my bridesmaids before I even knew her and got engaged.
I know its my wedding my choice but I dont want to piss anyone off.
How would you go about doing this?
EDIT: She will still be invited obviously.
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