Nessa (nebe) wrote in thequestionclub,

Art connoisseurs, help!

In the movie What Dreams May Come, there was a single color used for the main character Christy that stood out the most to me. He wore the color in his tie the day of his death (in the office/car/post hospital), Annie wore a scarf to his grave with it, the Jacaranda trees had a lighter shade of it (the tree she paints and destroys has a dead-on hue of it) and it was heavily used in his Heaven. and give some examples.

The color is also a main component in center of an (Indian Peafowl) peacock plume and some Irises, Wisteria, Hydrangeas and Orchids carry the shade.

I'm not an art major so I know very little about color, hue or pigment; I've been trying for years to place the exact color name but it's always fallen into a "know it when I see it" space. I know it's not Indigo, Azurite, Egyptian blue or Prussian blue because it has more of a purple base. Does anyone know the technical name for the color/pigment I'm speaking of?

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