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I'm going to cheat a bit on making this into a question. ;)

I have absolutely the WORST luck in meeting girls. I always become interested in ones that are "taken", but I usually don't find out until AFTER I become interested. Now, I thought I'd finally found a girl that, not only was she available, she even liked me also! *gasp* I come to find out that she's now seeing my ex-roommate (I doubt he did it on purpose, if you knew the background, you'd understand.) Why does this always happen to me? (Not my question...) What could I have possibly done earlier in my life to have deserved this? (Also not my question...) I thought the loneliness that I felt every time I saw a couple together was the most agonizing, horrible pain in the world... but having this happen to me, just as I was building myself up to "testing" whether or not she actually likes me... THAT is the most painful feeling in the world. You know the phrase "Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all"... I couldn't agree more... if I could have only have HAD something... EVER.

(Now for the cheat question...) Any thoughts?
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