non (ontheqt) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was just watching a rerun of 'In living Color'- a great time from my childhood-and they hada skit that i never got until now.
It was called 'The Brothers Comedy Hour' and it was about how the only way a black guy could get on tv was (in the early 90s.. same for the majority...I'll explain)as a pimp or a ho,etc. They also mentioned how The Cosby Show wasn't a real portrayal of black families(none of the kids had kids out of wedlock,etc) and then on Damon Wayans show, his kids had kids out of wedlock and it got me thinking:

why do black people and mostly all minorites(im hispanic and i don't agree with anyof this) believe that if you don't show your race in a negative life all the time, then you aren't showing a real portrayal?
I mean, couldn't those negative portrayals be what it was like where they were growing up and not the entire population?
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