Катерина (genuine_stacey) wrote in thequestionclub,

So you really love someone, and you're willing to sacrifice a lot to make your relationship work. However, sometimes they just do things that are really hurtful to you, and you can't help but argue and fight with the person. Most of the time, these things they do are not done on purpose - they just do them because they're upset or angry in the first place. However, being a not-so-secure girl, you react as if they actually meant them - in the heat of the moment, it's hard for you to think logically.

The question then is, up until what point do you tolerate this? And by tolerate I don't mean "keep quiet and try to avoid the subject to make them less mad". Tolerate = discuss it after the fight; work on it constantly, etc. What are some of the things to you that would mean that they've 'crossed the line' (i.e. you may seriously consider overlooking your relationship (= to the point of breaking up)) ?
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