Tara (solemnrayne) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Have you ever slept with someone knowing full well that they had a significant other and were in a designated monogamous relationship?

2. If yes, why?

3. Did the other person find out?

4. How did you feel about it? (e.g., guilty, sorry, happy, etc.)

5. Have you ever slept with/dated someone that you suspect had a significant other, but was never confirmed? What were the signs? Did you break it off?

6. Have you ever dated someone that had a significant other and you did find out? What happened?

7. Have you ever married someone and later found out they were still married to another person and were leading a double life?

1. Yes.
2. There was no specific reason. She wanted to have sex, so we did. I didn't have any relationship type feelings for her or anything.
3. No.
4. I felt kind of guilty, but it didn't bother me all that much.
5. Not that I know of.
6. No.
7. No.
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