five billion bells (jensa_chan) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Am I a dork for thinking when you make a study session with someone the two of you should actually be STUDYING?

For the ladies: If you get cravings before/during your period, what are they? Do they ever change? I usually crave chocolate, but now I'm craving baklava...

Do you have a picture on your credit card/checks? If so, what? I have plain checks, and a picture of a kitty with a parrot on its head on my credit card.

There is a candle. The candle is used to light a second candle, and the first flame is put out. The second is used to light a third, and the second flame is put out. The third used to light a fourth, the third flame put out... etc. Is the current flame the same flame as the first? (Bonus points if you know where I took the scenario from)
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