clair__de__lune (clair__de__lune) wrote in thequestionclub,

Random Questions

Four random questions

1. Say you had a conversation with someone for 30 minutes or an hour and you were too shy to ask for his or her phone number. You regretted it soon after. How would you feel if that person regretted never seeing or talking to you again? How would it feel to be someone's regret?

2. What is PSP? I see it in commercials for DVDs but have never heard of it.

3. Why is it that I get blank windows in IE when I click on ‘open in new window’? How do I fix this? Also when I use the ‘find on this page’ this pops up: ‘An error occurred in this dialog. Error 35. Incompatible version of the RPC stub.’ Then the error report popup shows when I click ok.

4. Is there software to buy that cleans out the computer, deleting useless junk that is eating the memory? Also is there software that fixes programs on the computer?
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