Dani (mystictwilight) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay so, there's this kid I haven't seen or spoken to since the 8th grade. (I'm 21 now.) Even back then, our contact was limited to orchestra rehearsals and a few words if we saw each other in the hallway. Recently, he friended my best friend and I on facebook. He IMs frequently, without much conversation but nearly immediately asks if my friend and I want to hang out. It's sometimes even been something like, "So I'm only in town for this weekend, want to do something?" as if he doesn't have closer friends he might want to spend that time with.

I think this is a little weird, my bff just thinks he's being friendly and feeding off a crush he might have had seven years ago. So, TQC, I'm just curious. Do you think I'm justified in finding this a little weird and creepy? Or am I just clueless about the ways of males and how these things work?
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