Natalie (unwonted) wrote in thequestionclub,

TQC I need some pet advice.

My sister (age 20) was just told today by my mom that she has to put her cat down. He has peed on her couch one to many times. He gets urinary infections. He is on special food, but when he gets stressed (if the family goes away for more than a day, once because of one of those laser light toys, etc) he seems to get an infection or an ulcer. He is pretty high needs because of this. My mom had never wanted cats in the house, but after an accident with another small kitten my sister had rescued, my mom felt bad and got two cats - a brother and a sister. He doesn't pee anywhere else in the house just on that couch and only when he gets an infection. My sister called me bawling and is absolutely devastated. She lives with mom and cannot afford to move out. I can't take him because the place I live will absolutely not allow pets. I tried to look into humane societies but they are (of course) all overcrowded and would probably not keep him anyway with him getting the infections.

Does she have any options?? The cat is only 2-3 years old, so she feels as if she is just ending his life way to early - that she would be killing him. There is no one I know that can take him. ...not sure if anyone has any advice or not, I'm just feeling very upset over this.

ETA: The shelters I looked up online all specify that the cat must be from their area/county. The problem is that my county is very small/all the towns are small and the shelter we do have is not a no kill shelter.
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