Esa (esaevian) wrote in thequestionclub,

Another lightning round!

Have you ever been confused for a gender you're not?
Online, everyone thinks I'm female unless I come out and say otherwise. In real life, not as much, though I think some people behind me were loudly confused and said "oh it's a guy" when I turned around and they saw my beard

Have you ever been at a theme park from open to close?
Yup, and I'm about to do that tomorrow! 12 hours of roller coaster-y goodness!

You're taking a 2 hour car ride with a person you're crushing on (just you two). You'll ask them what they like, but you want to make a playlist to play for them as well. What's on it?

What are some easy-to-make healthy meals that I can make at home and bring to work for lunch?

For those who work 9-5 (or similar hours) and don't go to a gym: When/where do you exercise? What do you do?
I've been wanting to go on bike rides, but I'm worried since I don't have a headlight or reflective clothes

Can someone explain the difference between a phaser and a flanger? (srs and non srs answers welcome)

A friend of yours makes fun of your eating habits while out with a group of friends (in that motherly, judging, "you don't eat your vegetables" way). What do you do?
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