I saw the fall, and still I don't believe it. (i_saw_the_fall) wrote in thequestionclub,
I saw the fall, and still I don't believe it.

These questions are for people who do not have cable TV but just get regular TV stations.

I have an old analog TV and am wanting to cancel my cable and just get internet service.

I know I need a converter box to get TV stations. What kind of antenna do I need? I live in an apartment, and from what I've been finding online, there are both indoor and outdoor antennas. Would an indoor antenna work just fine? I'm kind of overwhelmed by antenna choices. My TV is situated right next to sliding glass doors if that makes any difference.

Anyone here have an HDTV and not have cable? Can you tell me how that works (in other words, do you need a converter box or antenna)? Do you get more stations than you would with an analog TV? I'm contemplating investing in an HDTV eventually.
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