Baby Bloodheart (babybloodheart) wrote in thequestionclub,
Baby Bloodheart

Does anyone remember these two shows (I'm in the U.K. so I'm not sure they had them in the U.S.)? - They were both 80's kids T.V. shows.

1.) There was a house on a hill, the characters were teapots and cups - like P.C. Pot - there was also a magic wishing well on a hill. I've seen it as a show with puppets, but I'm pretty sure I watched it when I was little as an animated show, also perhaps a book.

2) I only vaguely remember this one, perhaps earlier than the 80's, the characters were weird blob shaped people, all different colours, I think the main character was a big blue blob and there was also a female one who was black and wore pears around her neck.

I really can't remember or find either of these shows, the second one is really bothering me because I am sure I used to really like the show when I was little.
Anyone have any idea what these shows might be called?

Oh and don't you just love old Kids T.V?
I loved Motormouth, Pink windmill, Teabag, Snow spider (1st series), tomorrow people (1st series), trap door, button moon, danger mouse, rainbow, nightmare, She-ra & He-man, Dogtanian, Fingermouse, Henry's Cat, How, Inspector Gadget, Press Gang, Roland Rat, Raggydolls, Thundercats and Wacaday.
*Sigh* The good old days.
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