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As you were all kind enoughto give me help and advice last night, I thought I should give you guys an update now I have been to the (alleged) computer doctor.

My laptop is all but dead. I took it into PC World today and the guy was of very little help. At first he said it was either the graphics card or I need a new monitor and if it is the latter then I am looking at a couple of hundred pounds:-/ (he didn't even suggest a loose wire or anything!)

When I told him that I rigged it up to my PC monitor and it was the same he said that it's not the monitor thats the problem then, and it must be the graphics card. But then he contridicted himself. He gave me a phone number for the PC World helpline and told me to wangle myself a warranty and if I can't get one to make sure I have a very stiff drink to hand! (If it is the graphics card, isn't that a small job?!)

But I can't ring the number until I find my reciept, and I'm not sure I've even kept the reciept anyway. And even if I do find it, how the hell do I blag a warranty? Make out I thought I had one or simply charm the person on the line? I'm too honest for my own good!

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