Kicker of Sandcastles (gothictiger) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kicker of Sandcastles

Looking to find a replacement pendant to match the one in my icon

Ok, I am looking for as close to a match for

as possible. (sorry for the crap picture, it's the best I could blow it up from the pics I had of it)

It's a pewter "celtic knot" pendant that I got years ago and lost a few months ago. It knotted to look like an S and the edge around it looped into about six equal bumps to make a circular form around the piece.

I found :

Which is somewhat close, but is a reversed S.

The pendant was purchased at a bead shop in the Boulder, CO area or so in August of 1999. It may have been a World Bead Company, which I think has gone out of business. I did not purchase it, it was a gift from a friend, or I would probably remember where it was purchased. I still have a bag from the beads that were also purchased for me, but there's no logo and it's pretty much a generic plastic bead bag.

Would anyone like to assist me in finding a pendant that is potentially the same as the one I lost? If I cannot find one, I might go with getting that other one, but I would really like to have one like the other one back and I have no clue where I lost the original.
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