Jac (majesticjac) wrote in thequestionclub,

Does anyone else here get really (like RRRLY) emotionally affected by books and characters? Maybe too much so? (If so, and you're comfortable, can you share any of the books that have affect you so deeply?)

I just read The Dead Zone, and it was an amazing read, I really recommend it. But it made me really depressed. Like when I finished it, I felt really awful. I can think of few books that have impacted me so emotionally, and this one's made the list.

Have you read The Dead Zone? If so, did you like it? Did it have a deep impact on you, too?

A couple weeks ago, I made this entry here. I ended up taking The Dead Zone with me because it had the highest number of votes, and I was not disappointed! The Dead Zone has become my favorite S.K. book so far, and one of my favorite books ever. I thought it was amazing and very powerful.
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