Lonnie (sovietbloc) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do any of you know any websites where I can find legitimate information on rental properties in New York City? I'm sick and tired of browsing through all the scams on craigslist. I'm looking for a 5 bedroom to split between 5, maybe 6 people. Roomshares for me are an option as well, but I'd prefer to move in with this group of people rather than jump head-first into a roommate situation with people I don't know.

Also, can any of you tell me your personal experiences answering a flatshare on craigslist, not knowing any of the people?
Oh, and hm... maybe you know a job website catering to the NYC area that's not craigslist either?

Oh, and, have any of you had any experience hitchhiking? Where/what was it like? Do tell!
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