Gail (sweetpiglet) wrote in thequestionclub,

Thanks for advice on Canadian desserts. I ended up making a maple fudge that ended up as a maple taffy (I don't know how) and they LOVED IT.

Now, I need help with Cuban desserts. My friend came to the States from Cuba when she was 5 (17 years ago), and her favorite dessert from there was- well, this is where it gets fuzzy. She's pretty positive it was made with a lot of sugar (granulated or brown or confectioner's, she's not sure), and it ends up kind of cube-ish.

We're planning on having a girl's night in with her little girl, and she wants me to show her how to make this. BUT how can I show her how to make it without knowing what it is?

This is my most (recent) desperate hour. Help me, TQC, you're my only hope!
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