LisaKat (tastekitty) wrote in thequestionclub,

asshole neighbors

i've lived in the same townhouse for 6 years now, in a suburb that was always considered pretty nice/safe. i bought my house, almost everyone in my neighborhood also bought theirs.

a couple months ago a family moved in across the street, they are renting from whoever owns that townhouse. these people i have a SERIOUS problem with. they're constantly doing illegal shit. stealing cars, selling drugs, fist fighting. they also like to sit on other people's steps and leave their trash on their lawns. it's happened to me at least 6 times. they have a pretty limited vocabulary, consisting of the words "fuck, shit, bitches, hoes, and nigga" and all they ever say is disrespectful and stupid as hell. the cops get called on them no exaggeration once a week. they've been here 3 times since the 4th of july, when they decided to have a black kids vs. white kids full on brawl in the middle of the street, and hit an older neighbor when he tried to tell them to stop fighting.

i have the local precinct number saved in my phone. seems like whenever they come here they don't actually accomplish much. either they all run away when they see the cop car, or they talk to them and nothing happens. my sister heard a cop screaming at one kid that he better not see him around here again.

but really what can i do about it? they aren't actually rental units so there's no rental office to complain to. i don't know who owns the houses they're renting. there is a management company but i don't know if complaining to them would do anything. probably all they could do is fine them.

what would you do in this situation? all of the neighbors who have been here for years are really fed up. we want them evicted, now. these people are the only ones in the whole neighborhood causing any trouble.
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