Laney (laney_chan916) wrote in thequestionclub,

When other people look at your handwriting, what are some things they would notice?

1. I scribble
2. When I write exclamation points, I make 2 of them and turn them into smiley faces.  Sometimes, I make 3 of them and they become like an alien smiley face. If I'm in a bad mood though, I use sad faces or straight faces, depending on how bad I feel.
3. I put a line through my 7s and my capital I's don't have the bars going across the top and bottom.
4. My capital A's just look like lowercase A's, except that I make them larger.
5. I don't indent. Instead, I skip a line or two.

DK/DC:  How do you react when people come up to you and hug/kiss you? 

It depends on my mood and who's hugging/kissing me.  I hate being touched like that, especially by someone I don't even know. My body tenses up.  If family or friends kiss me, I hate when they do it in public.  If I do allow them to do it,  it has to be on the cheek, not my lips. Hugs are fine.
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