The Not-So-Magic Kingdom (reddressorblue) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Not-So-Magic Kingdom

Interview Clothing Question!

Hey, TQC!

I have a job interview tomorrow, and I am still stumped when it comes to what I should wear. The interview is for a job in web production with a large, trendy clothing company.

Here's what I received in an email from my recruiter:
Dress is casual at our office-we wear jeans everyday!-so please come casual as well!

I don't want to overdress, but at the same time, I still want to look professional---I haven't gone to an interview dressed that casually since I was 17. For what it's worth, I'm 22 and female.

What do you think would be appropriate for this sort of situation?

What is the worst interview experience you've ever had?
What is the best kind of pie? I wanna bake.
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