G. A. H. Jr. (classicjazzbari) wrote in thequestionclub,
G. A. H. Jr.

Group Donations

How much money would you give to a group donation?

Backstory: Our director of our organization's father passed away this past week. Our organization's (made up of close friends) board decided that we are going to donate to a large veteran's organization in his honor, and are asking for individual contributions via PayPal (there are about 40 of us). The only person who's going to see how much we (individually) donate is our treasurer, whom I work with.

The only problem is that I'm on a very tight budget for the next several weeks for reasons I'd rather not describe. I'm willing to donate a certain amount--not an amount that's going to break my bank, but not an amount that's going to make me seem really cheap.
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