because i got hiiiiiiiigh (xxtaste_of_ink) wrote in thequestionclub,
because i got hiiiiiiiigh


I just landed an interview for an internship at a local music venue (mostly punk, rock, alt, etc.) next week. The internship will be primarily focused on promotion, advertising and marketing and is also unpaid, if that makes a difference.

The last job interview I went to was at a Barnes & Noble where I wore nice slacks and a button down collared shirt to look nice. I feel like if I wore that I would be overdressed and look crazy. I'm a 21 year old college student and want this internship more than anything! TQC, dress me!

Would a pair of black skinny jeans, a nice belt, and plain white t-shirt with black flats be too casual?
I am right in assuming business-y attire would look ridiculous for a club interview?
What do people who work in venues wear?!

Alternatively: What internships have you had in the past? Tell me about your favorites.
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