hikerpoet (hikerpoet) wrote in thequestionclub,

So we went to see the 4th of July parade this weekend. It was very nice.

Everybody had a lot of sympathy for the marching band members in their seemingly heavy uniforms in the heat wave. It indeed must have been tough, but that is not what made my heart go out to them.

What on earth is up with those chin straps on the hats? They lie across their face and chin and don't actually go UNDER their chin like most chinstraps. That would drive me crazy. I'd be chewing on it the whole time or something.

Does anyone know the history? Or have any ridiculous speculative ideas about why they are like that?

If you were in a marching band or something similar, what drove you crazy about the uniforms? I'm guessing the gold lame panels made it or broke it for some people, too.
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