Alessia (marryyouinvegas) wrote in thequestionclub,

Do you ever feel inadequate at your job, even when you know you're not?

The company I work for has 5 partners. The one I work with and who is my direct boss is great and makes me feel very comfortable with everything I do.

One of the others however, not so much. I can just tell that he doesn't like me so every time he is around I somehow manage to do something wrong and look stupid. He makes me feel so uncomfortable.

For example, a line was ringing and at the same time the intercom started ringing. I picked up thinking it was the line, but it was in fact the intercom. He didn't even say "This is x", but rather just asked for the other boss and when I said he's on the other line can I take a message, he said no I'll try again in a bit. When I hung up, I realized that it was him. This happened 2 days in a row. Eugh. :(
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