fuyuko_neko (fuyuko_neko) wrote in thequestionclub,

 TQC, I have some 'household' tasks I need to take care of today. One of these is to decided what to do with a musical water globe of mine. It has a puffy, ball-shaped black fungus in it (think volvox shape, but black). Limited Googling tells me it's probably non-toxic, but I'd wear rubber gloves, goggle, and a breathing mask just in case. My mother wants me to throw it out, but I want to 'lance' the glass globe (hammer and nail) and try to salvage the rest of the piece by cleaning off the mold with hydrogen peroxide and isopropol alcohol. (I collect music boxes and I don't have this song elsewhere in my collection).

Should I try to save it or just trash it? Any other suggestions for cleaning? I know bleach works, but it will remove the paint from the rest of the figure. 

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