Samantha (saaycheesse) wrote in thequestionclub,


 My boyfriend asked me to go on vacation with him to Baltimore a few months ago. We're going with his family and about 20 other families because his little sister is involved in a baton group that travels there every year. He paid for the trip for me and everything. We're only going to be gone for 4 days. My grandmother is throwing a huge fit over me going on this trip. She doesn't feel it's right and actually told my boyfriend to his face that I couldn't go. I told her weeks ago that I wanted to go and was going. She just flipped out on me before because I asked her why she wasn't talking to me and she said that if I go on that trip, that things will be worse when I come home. 

Now I don't get it. I still live at home so I understand following some rules. But really?! It's only 3 days! It's not like we're just going alone and go away for weeks. We're only going for a few days with his family! I tried telling her this but she won't listen to me. Can you guys help? I need some advice on how I can talk to her and what I should say because I've tried everything that I could think of.

*EDIT Whoops, just noticed, forgot to mention. I'm 20. Just got home from summer classes from college. lol
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