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What do you tell your best friend when she texts you after her girlfriend of two years has broken up with her and she doesn't know how to cope without her, and she can't turn to anyone but you?

My friend, Rhi, came out to me about two years ago when she got together with Kirsty....I've never gotten on too well with Kirsty, but Rhi liked her, so that was fine by me....In my opinion, Kirsty never treated her too right....She was a lot like me when I'm in a relationship....Very low self-confidence, very needy, very attention seeking

Anyway, enough about her...They were together for that full two years...Rhi hasn't told any of her family except for one older sister, who I think is away at the moment at Uni or something....She's completely desolate and is convinced that she's lost the love of her life....The way we all feel when we've been dumped...Except she's not the Dumped Queen that I am....And I don't know how to tell her that she will repeatedly fall in love, and probably go through this more than once along the way before she finds someone that will treat her the way she deserves to be treated...I don't want to hurt her feelings...And I don't want her to be mad at me for trying to suggest that the sun might not have shone out of Kirsty's arse....

Any suggestions?

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