dramallamaalert (dramallamaalert) wrote in thequestionclub,

This is probably stupid, but is there a fast&easy way to train a dog to not get into stuff and potty outside?
What do you do when your dog just starts peein' on the carpet in front of you?
How do you get a dog to cope with being alone without destroying everything/barking incessantly?
Is there a training technique that works particularly well for you/your pooch?

TL;DR: I found out last night that my roommate agreed to let her SO keep his 5 month old Australian Sheppard at our place for "a week or two". The dog has already peed on the floor, gone through the garbage, and woke me up by running around the living room like a crazy person. Both my roommate&I are taking classes starting tomorrow and her SO works 45 minutes away, but will stay here when he's not working. In reality I will probably be spending the most time with this dog while it's here, despite my 6 hrs of class/day. IDK what to dooo. I've never dealt with an unruly puppy before.
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