sardoodledum (sardoodledum) wrote in thequestionclub,

A guy a know through friends, who I don't know him very well but we get along generally, is now, legally, unable to be near his wife for a few days, according to him, because he got into a screaming fight with her, but didn't touch her, and the military police had to be involved. (He is a marine who lives on a US military base.)

Do you think he's full of shit? If no blows were exchanged, why is he legally required to be apart from his wife? If blows were exchanged, why is it for only a couple of days? What is going on here? Is he lying or am I ignorant on how domestic disturbance laws work?

Why the fuck do people get into such dysfunctional relationships? As long as I've known this guy the only good thing he has ever had to say about his wife is that she's hot. Why, why, why would would you marry someone JUST for that? Based on his, highly suspect, descriptions she seems completely off her rockers. (I think he's completely off his rockers, and either abusive or entirely deserving of her.)

What are some of your crazy relationship stories?
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