Sunbird (jediwitch) wrote in thequestionclub,

Well, my boyfriend and I have been in our new apartment for over a week now, and so far, for the most part, I really like it. We're not done unpacking yet, but the place is starting to look like ours. There's only one small problem.

We're on the ground floor, which I like because, hey, no climbing stairs, but our upstairs neighbors must be secretly keeping an elephant above us. There is loud stomping coming from up there, periodically throughout the day, all day, every day. It's not constant, more like a thump or two once or twice an hour, with the occasional interjections of particularly loud or longer sessions of thumping. We never hear anything but thumping from them or any of our other neighbors, no voices or music or the sound of tvs (the lady who showed us the apartment made a point of mentioning their thick walls), so it seems sort of weird to me that they would be stomping that hard, that often, that we would hear it as often as we do. My boyfriend initially thought they were stomping on the floor in response to us having our tv too loud (it wasn't even that loud, I could barely hear it from the bedroom even with the door open, he's just paranoid), but for the past hour or so I've been lounging quietly on the couch reading while he takes a nap, and I swear to god a hippo is doing the tango up there. I know they have a young boy, maybe 9, and a puppy, so I suppose that could explain it, though we've heard the thumping as late as one in the morning before, which seems a little late for the kid to be up.

All in all, it's not that big of a deal. We stay up pretty late and they've usually stopped by the time we've gone to bed, and neither of us has been woken up by it. I'm mostly just getting kinda tired of my boyfriend always thinking it has something to do with how loud the tv is, or how loud he's playing his guitar, when we've really never been that loud at all with either of them, and I honestly don't think any of our neighbors can hear us. Like I said, it's been very quiet in our apartment for the past hour or so, and I've heard plenty of stomping. If they were responding to us being loud, why would there be so much thumping going on now? I'm debating somehow asking the family, in as a polite a way as possible "Hey, are we being too loud? If so, we'll turn it down, but if not, can you please try to tone down all the thumping?" I'm just not sure how to word it in a way that won't potentially somehow piss off these people I haven't met (I've only seen the little boy as well as a teenage girl, not the parents yet), and I don't know if I should do it in person, or write them a note or something.

What's a polite way for a shy, first-time-away-from-mom's-place apartment-dweller to ask her upstairs neighbors if she's pissing them off by being too loud, and if not, for them to please stop stomping on the floor, aka her ceiling, so much? God, that looks so awkwardly worded.

DK/DC, can you tell me a story about crazy or annoying neighbors you've had? Those are usually interesting.
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