Was I in it? (alligatorandme) wrote in thequestionclub,
Was I in it?

American deserter during the Vietnam war

American TQCers, do any of you remember a 60 Minutes episode from the late '90s about a man who deserted the army while fighting in Vietnam? I think he was on leave in New Zealand and just decided to stay there.

He never went back to the US (I don't remember if his family thought he was dead) and he had picked up the NZ accent, culture, everything, and was pretty out of the loop with American culture.

During 60 Minutes' profile of the man, he was was reunited with his son, who gave him a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt. The man said, "Oh, this is the football team, I guess?"

Anyone remember the name of this guy? I am suddenly fascinated with learning more about him.
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