Skittles (tenna) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear TQC, I have a dilemma!

My dog is enrolled in formal obedience classes. Last Monday was the start of a new 8 week session. I called in sick, but left a message saying I'd like to continue classes and I'd be there this week (today).

I don't have the money to continue (though if I really wanted to go I could make it work), and I just flat out do not want to go. My dog LOVES going though. Plus the day of the week and the time clashes with my schedule.

Should I still go since I called last week and said I would? Or should I call and leave another message and say something has come up and I won't be able to continue right now? IDK, I feel so torn!

ETA since people seem confused. This is a formal obedience class aimed at teaching us to compete in obedience trials. He's already been through basic obedience classes to teach him to be a well behaved dog and has his CGC.
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