the_pyre (the_pyre) wrote in thequestionclub,

Here's the deal. I do not know what to do.

My SO and I hate our apartment, it's horrible. It's a cramped 1br-no more than 450 sq ft. Or landlord is a total slumlord that does not maintain the building (the trash in back has not been removed in three weeks, there's garbage and broken glass all over the lot, half the lights in the hallways don't work...).

Our neighbors are all drug addicts that keep wild hours and do destructive things to the premises. It's to the point where my SO cannot keep either of his more expensive vehicles here for fear of them being damaged or vandalized. This place is hell. When we moved in, this place was mainly filled with younger couples with kids or single elderly people, but the demographic has shifted to these people over the past year.

Today is the last day for us to give our 30 day's notice and not need to pay for August.

We have not yet found a new place to live, and there are three weeks until this baby is due to come. My SO has just told me not to stress about it, and that he will figure everything out, to the point where if he sees me cruising Craigslist, he'll tell me that I don't need to be looking for places. He seems very confident that it will all work out- but I don't know how he could be. He works 70+ hours a week, how the hell is he going to find a place?

Everything tells me that if I bring this baby home to this apartment I will feel like a failure forever and we will never get out of here.

What should I do? Should I give notice? Wait until August to give notice?
I have exhausted Craigslist and and the local newspaper for suitable places to live, and I don't know what else to do now.
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