Jules (koken23) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, so.

I found out yesterday we're moving to New Zealand by Christmas - my husband's been given an international post, so we're headed for camp housing in Papakura, just outside Auckland on the North Island. That gives me five months, maybe six to figure out how to do it, and I turn to you fine ladies and gentlemen for help.

- Passports. This probably needs to be done ASAP. I know I have to get one for the baby anyway, but I also have to think about myself - I've been an Australian citizen for ten years and I'm eligible for an Australian passport, but I've always travelled on my Argentine passport. It won't screw with my dual citizenship to do an application; I just never bothered to get one.

Is it worthwhile getting an Australian passport just so I can go through the shortcut line in New Zealand Immigration with the boys?

- Pets. Camp housing at Papakura says they've got a limit of one pet per household, no weight or size limit. Trouble is, we've got a dog, a pile of fish and a cat. The fish are easy enough - my father would love to have fish in his study, he's been procrastinating about getting some for years - but I'm not sure what to do about the other two. Dog is a mix (Australian cattle dog/huntaway/kelpie) and Vesta the cat is just your standard shorthair moggie from a shelter. They're both reasonably healthy except for arthritis and Dog's enroaching deafness, but very, very old now and while the North Island isn't too harsh in terms of climate - about 25C at the hottest, down to 0C at absolute coldest - I'm not sure how they'd go travelling in summer, or with the long quarantine period NZ puts on EVERYTHING.

What do you think? Take one? Leave both?

- Random things to know about international moving...what do I need to know about before I start? The last time I swapped countries, I was ten!
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