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ok, so this is going to be a long and confusing question, bear with me though! (armchair psychologists super welcome)

My dad, my grandma, my brother and I (but not my sister) are all hardwired in a way that is not normal, but I can't really put my finger on what it is. I think it has to do with the way we process things logically - people have a hard time following me sometimes, or say that I appear to *skip* important steps, or I'll arrive at strange conclusions that nobody else does but that are still right and make sense, just not in the obvious way (which is not at all obvious to me). Related, I'll also sometimes seriously miss the big picture and just get completely lost in the forest (like spending three pages, with more and more complex equations, on a math problem that can easily be solved in five lines).

My best friend said about it: "it often seems to me that there's just steps you skip in your train of thought, that most people can't, and they often involve slightly fantastic alterations in causality...you get impressions of where you're going and describe them instead of following the steps to get to them from where you are"

I *think* it also has to do with the way I process words and stuff. I am really good at limericks, gibberish spoken-word type babbling, and things to do with sound like that. I am also very good at algebra/calc type things, but suck at geometry and maps despite thinking in very spatial terms. Shit, this is not summing up the difference at all.

Basically I am pretty sure there IS a marked difference, probably partly genetic, between the way certain members of my family are wired to think vs most other people. I have heard it described as 15degrees off kilter, or fractally. I've been thinking about it a lot after my dad told me that he has never, not once in his fifty-some years, met a single person aside from us relatives that thinks in remotely the same way as we do. It is something that people close to me, without fail, have noticed and pointed out without me bringing it up, so it's not something I'm imagining.

I guess what I want to ask is, are any of you someone like this or know someone like this? There has to be other people like us out there. Also, can you point me towards some resources as to WHAT I'm looking for? I would recognize it if I saw it, but it's too nebulous to put into words and my crack psychologist internet searching hasn't led me to anything useful. Or any other thoughts on the matter.

Thanks! TL;dr: I think weirdly, some relatives think weirdly in the same way, it has to do with our logical processes, how do I find out more about it?
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