So useless and so pretty and so good (raiden_x) wrote in thequestionclub,
So useless and so pretty and so good

omg help!

I met this awesome guy on the weekend. He was a bouncer at the club I was at & I spent most of the night chatting to him at his post on the front door. We swapped numbers & I also got his email address.

So I wanted to message him & say that I had a great time chatting to him but I don't know if I should do it in an sms or facebook. Omg I've never had to do this before & don't know what one would be best! I think maybe sms because he gave me his email address first, but gave me his number later & made a point to get mine.

So people, facebook or sms? And what else do I say?
I don't want to come across too strong, you know? But is 'Hey, I had fun chatting with you on Saturday night' enough? OMG HELP!
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