Emily (euka) wrote in thequestionclub,

What b.s. do you put up with or ignore on a daily basis?

I have a wackadoo aunt on facebook whose political leanings are on the very far right. While I can normally ignore things about Obama being a jackass or immigrants taking all our jobs, the jabs at planned parenthood have been making me see red. (Apparently they seek out pregnant teens and force them to have abortions. Do you remember the youtube video with the little girls doing a sexy dance to 'single ladies'? Planned parenthood gets one look at that and says 'ka-ching!')

I have been making an effort to keep politics and the like out of facebook, but it is taking everything I have not to yell at her. I don't want to block her or anything because through her I get updates on family that I really enjoy- especially updates on my pregnant cousin.

Any advice on dealing with this kind of thing?
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